Unlimited exterior washes per month

From $39.00 per month

Our unlimited monthly exterior wash deal is perfect for those who typically keep a tidy interior, but want the convenience of having fast, frequent exterior washes. Check at your closest Infinity Car Wash & Café location for pricing.

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Includes unlimited exterior washes

  • Exterior wash
  • Towel dry
  • Wheel bling

How does this unlimited car wash product work?

Unlimited monthly washing is the ideal way to keep your car constantly clean. Shop our unlimited car washing products online and receive a voucher valid for X months from date of purchase (depending on the option selected) for unlimited washes and any other options (depending on the unlimited product chosen). When purchasing, simply choose your vehicle type, location, and add your registration number. To redeem, present your voucher information upon booking.

How our exterior wash service works

Step 1

Body Paint: We start off by using a pH neutral shampoo to wash your car paint, ensuring optimum dirt removal without compromising on your paint and trims. The shampoo we use is 100% car-safe and so you don’t have to worry about applying a paint protection.

Step 2

Wheels: Once done with the body, we move on to your car wheels, arches, mud flaps and tyres, ensuring we reach every angle of those body parts because we believe even the tiniest parts matter. We remove dusts accumulated due to brakes and dirt that can cause damage to the surface of the wheel. We also apply gloss to car tyres to help maintain its premium look for longer.

Step 3

Final Touches: To round-off the wash, we use an innovative approach to drying that sees your car exterior dried to prevent water marks from sticking to the paints while high pressure air is used to remove water from joins and trim so no drip marks appear after you drive off.