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When it comes to giving your car that showroom-worthy shine, polishing is a crucial step in the detailing process. However, there’s a debate that has long raged among car enthusiasts and professional detailers: machine polishing vs. hand polishing. Known as the best car wash Murrumbeena, Preston, and Moorabbin drivers rely on, Infinity Car Wash & Café is here to help with premium washing and detailing services. Here we will dive into the world of car polishing and explore the key differences between these two methods, helping you decide which one is right for your prized vehicle.

Machine Polishing

This involves using a specialised tool, typically a rotary or dual-action polisher, to apply polish to the car’s paintwork. Here are the advantages and considerations:


  • Efficiency – Machine polishing is significantly faster than hand polishing. The power tool’s oscillating or rotating motion allows for even and consistent coverage, cutting down on polishing time.
  • Consistent Results – The machine’s mechanical action ensures that the pressure and speed remain constant throughout the process. This results in a uniform finish with fewer swirl marks and imperfections.
  • Correction Capability – Machine polishers have the power to correct more significant paint defects, such as deep scratches and oxidation, that might be challenging to address by hand.
  • Less Physical Effort – Using a machine polisher reduces the physical strain on the operator, making it a more comfortable choice for large vehicles or extensive detailing projects.


  • Skill Required -Machine polishing requires a degree of skill and knowledge to avoid damaging the car’s paint. In the hands of an inexperienced user, it can lead to swirl marks or even burns if not used correctly.
  • Cost – Quality machine polishers can be an investment, and they come with additional expenses like buffing pads and compounds.

Hand Polishing

This involves applying polish or wax to the car’s surface using a microfiber or foam applicator pad, followed by buffing it out with a clean cloth.


  • Precision – Hand polishing allows for precise control over the pressure and movement, making it suitable for spot polishing or addressing specific imperfections.
  • Low Cost – Hand polishing requires minimal equipment, making it a cost-effective option for those on a budget.


  • Time-Consuming – Hand polishing is a labour-intensive process and can be time-consuming, especially for larger vehicles or extensive detailing jobs.
  • Limited Correction – While hand polishing can enhance the paint’s gloss and remove light swirl marks, it may not be effective for addressing deeper scratches or severe paint defects.
  • Physical Effort – It can be physically demanding, especially when working on a large surface area, and may lead to fatigue.

Choosing the Right Method

In many cases, a combination of both methods may be the best approach. Machine polishing can be used for correction and efficiency and then followed up with hand polishing for precision and those finishing touches. It’s important to remember that proper polishing techniques and quality products are essential for achieving a flawless and glossy finish that will turn heads on the road.

As an experienced local car wash, Moorabbin’s Infinity Car Wash & Café is here to look after your car and keep it looking its very best. We specialise in car detailing, and our team utilise a wide range of methods and techniques to clean and polish your car. We also offer paint correction and protection services for those who want the ultimate, glossy appearance.

With two other convenient locations (Preston and Murrumbeena), there’s sure to be an Infinity Car Wash near you. Visit us today or learn more about our services online now.